Tracey (right) alongside sister Sharon and friend Dorien

Tracey Rackham (formerly Stubbs, born 1957) is one of two main characters in Birds of a Feather.

Early life and marriage to DarrylEdit

Tracey was born in 1997 most probably with the surname Hamilton or Bullock, to parents George Hamilton and Mavis Bullock.  Their second child, Sharon was born and the pair were adopted by the Rackham family. Their Aunt Sylvie took them in after the Rackham's died.

At 15-16 years of age, Tracey met her first boyfriend, Robert Radford who appeared in one episode. One night, Robert and Tracey planned to go to the cinema. He never turned up. In the episode in which he appeared, Robert explained that her soon-to-be husband, Darryl had told Robert not to see Tracey.

After this happened, Darryl Stubbs flicked Tracey's bra strap in detention at school, causing Tracey to become attracted to him. She was pregnant months later and gave birth to Garth. A few years later, Tracey and Darryl married.

Nicked Edit

In the first episode, Nicked, Tracey (Linda Robson) first appears sitting by her swimming pool with Darryl (Alun Lewis) swimming in it. When Sharon (Pauline Quirke) and husband Chris (David Cardy) arrive at their house in Chigwell, Chris and Darryl, leave on a work trip, but actually, unknowingly to Tracey and Sharon, do an armed robbery using a sawn-off-shotgun and Chris' Ford Zephyr as well as a getaway car.

Trial and imprisonment of DarrylEdit

Tracey's world falls apart after hearing from the police that Darryl was involved in an armed robbery and Darryl gets sent down for 12 years.

Tracey never missed a visit and during Darryl's time in prison she had multiple flings with other men including West Ham United footballer Patsy Edwards and one of Dorien's boyfriend's mate who couldn't read or write. Name Mark