Sharon (left) alongside sister Tracey (right) and friend Dorien

Sharon Rackham (formerly Theodopolopodous, born 1961) is one of three main characters in Birds of a Feather.

Her lifeEdit

Sharon was born to George Hamilton and Mavis Bullock in 1961. Along with sister Tracey, she was adopted by the Rackham family and moved in with her aunt Sylvie after the Rackham's died. She later married Chris Theoand they tried for a baby. Chris' family said that Sharon wasn't able to have children. Sharon found out in One episode that it was Chris that wasn't able to have children as she got pregnant by her new boyfriend Dave. She later had an abortion which led to her leaving Dave.

Later yearsEdit

Sharon got involved with many other men including police officer Colin , Mark who was interested in horses and also a man called Don who had been robbed at a station. She met Dave once again and she also found out that he is married and his wife was expecting a baby. Another notable visit back to the past was when Sharon, Tracey and Dorien decided to meet up with their first boyfriends. Sharon's first 

Sharon with travis

Sharon with Tracey's second son, Travis

boyfriend was a man called Warren and had acne when at school with Sharon. She met with Warren in one episode and he also told Sharon that he was gay. Sharon has always regarded husband Chris as a scumbag, an animal and that she wished he was dead. She and Chris divorced in 2014 in the episode Blinded by love


Before the events of Birds of a Feather, Sharon and Chris owned a flat in Edmonton and notable neighbours included Lisa who had a fling with Chris the day before he was "nicked".

After he and Darryl got sent down, Sharon went to comfort Tracey in the 100000 house that Darryl had recently bought.