Dorien Green (known to the public as Foxy Cohen) is one of three main characters in Birds of a Feather. 

Personal lifeEdit

Dorian is Jewish and is unemployed until 2014. Usually she has affairs with younger men which makes Sharon want to joke about her sex life. Dorien got married to Marcus Green when she was 21. Dorien is famous for writing the popular novel Sixty Shades of Green.


Dorien was known to Tracey and Sharon as the luckiest women in Chigwell, because of the amount of affairs that she had with younger men. This is some of the men she has had an affair with:

  • Luke Horton
  • Tom
  • Matthew
  • Eddie
  • Jason
  • Jonathan
  • Ranjith
  • Richard

After Marcus left Dorien for a younger woman called Geraldine, she met Richard Summers in the park. His children are called Sasha and Morgan. Tracey and Sharon both meet him for the first time when he asks them to clean the house as the Maids of Ongar Cleaning Company. In the episode, Mummies and Daddies, Dorien mistakenly leaves the wrong message on Richard's answer machine and finds Morgan holding the tape. He wants her to leave Richard or else he will hear the tape. Dorien tells Morgan that if Richard wants Dorien to leave him, then she will. This leads to Morgan giving Dorien the tape. She tears out the tape from the cassette and puts it in an ashtray, then blows it into Morgan's face. Richard then walks in and Morgan convinces him that she doesn't love him, while Dorien asks him to go to dinner with her. She makes him choose between her and his children; he chooses his children. Dorien then walks out. He also arrives at Garth's restaurant during Nuptials to say that Dorien has almost committed suicide by taking an overdose of drugs (which turn out to be cod liver oil capsules). Tracey and Sharon leave Dorien and Richard and they rekindle their relationship.